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Welcome to Nicholas Anthony Custom Woodwork
Nicholas Anthony Custom Woodwork LLC is an experienced custom woodworking company that uniquely designs and manufactures custom cabinetry and furniture, perfect for custom kitchens , closets, bathrooms, and more.  Our furniture is hand-built the old-fashioned way by master craftsmen.  Now the usual connection people make with the word custom is expensive.  However, in our case custom does not mean more expensive at all.  Custom to us means that each piece of furniture is made with your specifications and needs in mind.  We design our furniture to utilize every inch of workable space to create a unit that not only has maximum functionality but also reflects the style you desire.  So in essence, each piece of furniture is a one of a kind custom creation.  

Custom can even mean less expensive.  By manufacturing all of our custom cabinetry, furniture, and other custom woodworking projects by hand in our factory in South River, New Jersey, it eliminates the shipping costs and container fees that other larger companies incur buy purchasing mass-produced parts from overseas.  Instead, our furniture is 100% made in America.  This is an idea which is almost unheard of these days, with most companies focusing on practices that are more cost effective and paying less and less attention to quality.  By manufacturing everything locally, we are able to control costs, but most importantly to control quality.  Quality and customer satisfaction is our main goal.  Each piece of furniture goes through a series of tests and checks to ensure that it is perfect before it leaves the factory.  This allows us to stand proud behind of each job we do.

Nicholas Anthony Custom Woodwork LLC is a family owned business with 3 generations of experience in custom woodworking.  The company began as a small factory in Brooklyn, New York making window panels in the 1970s.  From window panel jobs came the demand for custom cabinetry made to match the panels.  From there, a custom cabinet shop was born.  Now we specialize in custom kitchens, wall units, bars, entertainment centers, fireplaces, custom closets, bedroom sets, wine rooms, bathroom vanities, and architectural woodwork.  With over 40 years of experience in the furniture business we know the steps required satisfy our customers.  By providing handcrafted custom furniture, along with impeccable quality and service, at an affordable price, we manage to stay above the competition.  Trust us to improve and beautify your home or business, and we guarantee that it will be an enjoyable experience.

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